Experiments – what do they mean in my context


An experiment is a procedure carried out to verify, refute, or validate a hypothesis. Experiments provide insight into cause-and-effect by demonstrating what outcome occurs when a particular factor is manipulated.

In 2015, February – during my annual snowboarding trip I had stumbled upon a book called – Think Like a Freak by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner . This book was really interesting and it revealed some unique ways of doing things by its great stories, one in particular got me thinking.

Skinny guy named Takeru Kobayashi who enrolled for the Hot Dog eating contest to make some extra cash which was suggested by his girlfriend. Struggling to make ends meet he went for it and won a small prize. Then he aimed for the biggest Hot Dog eating contest in US, Brooklyn and won it 6 times in a row, beating all previous records too.

So how did he do it?

town-sign-822236_1920Takeru was thinking differently and experimented for months before he went out there and won. Find full story by clicking here

And this story very much inspired me to start experimenting with my life. I started reading a variety of great books for self improvement, taken pieces of advice which seemed most relevant and converted those into experiments.

I have conducted 21 experiments in 2015 which have helped me to transform my life. I am aiming for another 21 for 2016 and I will post my progress. Good experiment can lead to a lifetime habit, change bad habits and help you become a different person. It can show a great insight of how we do things and go around daily tasks.

2015 Experiments: 

  1. Experiment: Sleep tracking
  2. Experiment: Distraction
  3. Experiment: Learning
  4. Experiment: Biting Fingers
  5. Experiment: Spending Money
  6. Experiment: Auto Suggestion (Morning affirmations, Night affirmations Imprinting)
  7. Experiment: Sleep
  8. Experiment: Planned Exercise
  9. Experiment: Finding My Role Models
  10. Experiment: To be a person I want to be 
  11. Experiment: Progress Bar / Future Vision time line (Macro targets, divided into micro)
  12. Experiment: Visualization (Shakti Gwain creative Visualisation) 
  13. Experiment: Dream List
  14. Experiment: Mind Storming
  15. Experiment: 21 Day Mental Diet
  16. Experiment: Weekly planning
  17. Experiment: Bucket list (RTW) 
  18. Experiment: 21 Day Ideas Diet 
  19. Experiment: 2 to 10 road trip 
  20. Experiment: Mood planning and association 
  21. Experiment: Blog creation, establishing an identity online

I will not go into depth explaining to what those are, please email me or comment if you are curious.


It is hard to achieve big things in life, that is the hard truth.

Its hard to get going at times but only if we are prepared for what is coming we can accept it well. There are some key points which can help you go through the toughest challenges.

  • Set goals frequently (21 Day Mental diet experiment – every morning give myself an hour, spend 15-30min reading inspirational or educational material and then write down 10-15 goals without looking back to what I have written down before)
  • Hold yourself accountable (Set deadlines to your goals and keep reminding yourself the reasons why I have to get those specific tasks done, relate your biggest goals to pleasure)
  • Think with the end in mind (Consider visualising yourself in your grave, everything else becomes obsolete when you look from this perspective, it is easy to find out what really matters to you when there are little distractions or unnecessary emotions)
  • Find your role models (People who you aspire to, they can help you visualise what you will become)

Only naming a few as simply there would be too much information to share in one post. I believe this helps you understand what experiments mean to me.

Every human is different from another and what works for one may not work at all for another.

It is very important to understand this as only then we can give ourselves the freedom to experiment with a variety of techniques and choose the ones which work best for us.  

Experiments for me are a way of getting started with different ideas and implementing them into my life. Finding out whether it will work or not. Looking for the best way, which can and will push the limit. This forms my extraordinary journey to becoming limitless me.

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  • D. Š.
    January 21, 2016

    Cool 🙂 I even didn’t about all your experiments. The read was a real treat. On on doing what you are good at.

    • Bernard
      January 21, 2016

      Thank you! Feel free to subscribe as I will post a lot of similar content and will go into depth with some of the experiments in the future! I am glad you had the time to leave a comment as well!

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