Get more done in less time – my top 5 habits for productivity


We are living at the time of constant motion and movement. Our cities are growing day by day and there are millions of people living closer and closer to us. Competition is extreme – we must be our best, look our greatest and constantly push ourselves in the front of the line otherwise we can easily be left out. Our lives seem to get more complex every day leaving little to no time in our daily schedules for any important activities like exercising, working on our own projects and fulfilling our dreams. I used to only focus on my job at the bar and trying to eat, sleep and live as healthy as possible. All of this was good but I felt like I was missing out on a lot of other important areas in life – missing a relationship, staying fit and learning new habits.

One week – 168 hours. 

How do I spend 60h at work, exercise 3 times per week and manage to learn, experiment and maintain a relationship?

I sleep at least 60h p/w. I am working 60h p/w at my current job in the restaurant. Exercise 3h p/w – 3 gym sessions. Read 1 book p/w – 5-6h reading time on average. Conduct 1-2 experiments every 21 days, spending up to 10h p/w. Writing my journal and now – blog for another 4-5h p/w and still finding time to maintain a healthy relationship with my girl friend. So how do I do it?

 1. Less sleeping is more living.

If you are lucky enough to have the set hours of work then this is not much of an issue. Yet if you are a shift worker like I am then you know how difficult this is. Constantly changing our sleep cycles and trying to adjust to different time schedules, extended work hours and never-ending emails. How can it be possible to squeeze anything else in there – you may ask.

My answer to that get on top of your sleep.

woman-954793_640-1Get a notebook, use evernote or onenote – write down your sleep patterns and track them. Or even better – invest into a sleep tracker (Any sports tracker would do).

Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep depending on how tired you are and it should be sufficient enough. Try to sleep at the same time and wake up at the same time for at least 7 days.

It has been scientifically proved that it takes us about 7 days to readjust our sleep pattern. I will write a more in-depth article in the future about tracking my sleep.

2. Wake up 2 hours before you must be somewhere.

landscape-1042468_640This one is huge, I learned it from Brian Tracy but you have no idea how much of an impact this single habit can have.

It gives you enough time to read something good – I would normally listen to some inspiring / educational audio book while making and eating breakfast and would learn something or get inspired.

Then mind storm your notebook (Yes, you can do it alone!). Write down 10-15 goals, 10-15 business ideas. Basically anything 1o-15 as this number will challenge you to really twist your head. It could be anything – post ideas, money-saving ideas, money-making ideas, dog names, free time activities – anything you really want to come up with.

After doing it for the first week or two you will have a solid amount of fresh ideas which spiral onto your notebook from your mind every day. It won’t be easy but it can literally change your life.

3. Regular exercise.

male-719559_640Research shows that physical activity can also boost self-esteem, mood, sleep quality and energy, as well as reducing your risk of stress, depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

I know it may sound too good to be truth. In the end of the day who really wants to drag themselves to some sweaty stinky gym and beat yourself to death after you just had a long and tiring day of work, right?

I work 12h shifts often and still aim not to miss my gym sessions.

Regardless how tired I am, feeling like not going – I would push myself out there as I know how well I would feel afterwards. It simply gives me more energy, I sleep better and eat better. I can think clearer, my mind is brighter and everything seems to be so positive afterwards.

4. Good nutrition and other important supplements.

cooking-1013455_640Eat healthy, often and take the necessary vitamins. Aim for high protein food with little fat and healthy carbs.

Vitamin B complex is very important for the energy release from food. Only by starting to take this once per day you could amp your energy levels by 50%.

Omega-3 fish oil is essential for your joints if you exercise but more importantly it supports your mind to maintain a healthy and clear thinking.

Vitamin C + Zinc helps your immune system to remain strong and resist common cold, flu and other sicknesses.

There are other important vitamins and supplements to take but these are the essentials.

5. Write down your goals and other ideas.


“You can’t hit a target you cannot see, and you cannot see a target you do not have.”
Zig Zigler

We all think often about our goals and dreams. It’s healthy to do so but if you don’t write your thoughts down it will disappear as quickly as it appeared.

Our thoughts are like fluids, they flow easily and quickly but the only way to capture it and keep it is by writing it down.

Spend that extra hour you have in the morning to get your thoughts out on paper and you will soon see a roadmap to your future.

Our goals are roadmaps to the future and aiming high is very much like driving a car at night. All you can see is 150m ahead of you but you will still travel 150 miles eventually because the road unfolds in front of you as you keep on moving forward.


Here are my Top 5 habits to be the most productive I can be. If you found it useful, share it with your friends!

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