Goals – 4 simple steps to maximum achievement


Setting goals has become one of my habits through my experimentation. It has the greatest impact in my life and it just might for you too.

I am sure you have heard one thousand times people stressing the importance of targets but you may not have started writing your goals down yet. Coming back to them often or breaking them down to step by step actions, finding the right why behind it.

You may have done it only for New Year resolutions or other special occasions like I used to do, which is good but nowhere near enough to make an impact, trust me.

I did all the testing necessary to be able to give you a brief summary of why goals matter and hassle free start – which is easy enough for anyone to take action.

Why it matters to you? You are intelligent and do not need to write your goals down. You know well what they are in your head. Your thoughts are sufficient enough, right?

Well no, not really.

Step 1: Why you should write your goals down.

I recently took a trip from Lithuania to Italy, we were driving for two days and drove over 1600km. Saying no to writing your goals down is like saying no to a Satellite Navigation for a long trip. Yes I did know the place to which I was going, but it was a long trip and it would be plain stupid to go there without a map of some sorts.

Imagine you know in your head where treasure lies, but would you skip on the map which shows you exactly how to get there? Of course not.

Your written goal – is the treasure map.

Step 2: You must break it down to smaller steps which can help you to achieve your final goal.

step-780896_640This is one of the examples out of many but any goal with sub-goals would pretty much follow the same system.

Say your financial goal is to save 3000£ by 2017, so you would need to save 300£ per month (for 10 months) or 75£ per week. Then you would focus on putting that 75£ per week every week to your savings account and eventually it would get you to your final goal. 

Once you get really good at it you will be able to take action every day which will get you closer and closer to your final goal.

1000 miles journey starts with a single step.

Take this first step, take action today!

Step 3: Why is the backbone of your goal.

Spend time to understand why you want what you want.

If your why is not strong enough then you would give up on your goal. It would not matter enough. Think, is it for your status? For your image?

In other words is it for other people? Or is it for you?

It is important to focus on yourself, pay attention and try to tell the difference because setting goals for other people is a waste of everyone’s time. Other people would not care anyway and you would be wasting your precious existence in life for a goal which would not really matter to you.

A few good examples: Master your emotions like anger, jealousy. Save a certain amount of money which might not look possible now. Learn to do something great. Buy that expensive car you have always wanted.

As you have a strong why behind your goal, had broken it down to step by step action and get really excited about it, then you have a really good start.

It would also help you to set a deadline to your goal. Although it is not necessary, experts say it is very important as it would hold you accountable but at the beginning it is hard enough to just get going. Don’t bother with deadlines just yet, if you get really good at goal setting then you should definitely consider to add deadlines as it would greatly discipline you to get things done.

So how do you start?

Step 4: The start

I have tried and failed at goal setting for many years until I hastreet-381227_640ve discovered this simple and short video by  Brian Tracy’s – famous 21 day mental diet.  This video has an easy to follow approach to it, yet it is very effective. It will set you for a good and solid start for sure. As I am a big fan of Brian Tracy who is a leader in self-improvement and self-development field. I’ve read most of his books, like Eat That frog, Goals!, Maximum achievement and No Excuses – just to name a few. I can definitely say that this guy knows what he is talking about.

Again, you do not have to follow this specific program, although it would work 99%.

Just grab your pen and write down 15 goals today. Do it until you have 15, it will challenge your mind and you might come up with something you might not have considered before. Tomorrow, break them down to step by step actions and take that first step.

In less than 6 months you will be amazed how it might have changed your life.

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