Action – realise your idea and start now


Thing of the past

Industrial revolution was started by Henry Ford when his famous assembly line took place. Then large corporations grew rapidly creating many jobs for huge quantities of people. Factories and shipping companies spurred and that was the time when the famous go-to-college get-a-degree be-job-secure mindset was born.

For many years, in fact more than one hundred this was the case and it was the right way for many generations. Although, it still is applicable but that is not the only way any more.

Informational Age

book-wall-1151405_640As economists mark the fall of Berlin wall as the beginning of the informational age. This gave us the freedom of speech and action. Two of the greatest assets of our modern man or woman.

Companies fail at a rapid rate and new ones spur faster than ever. Job security is the thing of the past. Very few people can expect to work in the same company for more than a dozen of years.

So where does it leave us?

In my opinion this is one of the best times to ever live in. As it is all in our hands whether to fall or rise. Opportunities are on every corner but only a few will recognise those and prosper. How come? Well, first we must embrace the fact that the times have changed. Be ready for challenges and proving ourselves in the competitive and tough environments. Really knowing what we want to achieve. As Napoleon Hill says in his masterpieces – we must have a burning desire.

Burning desire

We need to really want something in order to get it. Be able to put it down on the piece of paper in clear words. Follow the granny test – write in such way so your granny would be able to understand, in other words make it sound simple. By no means the idea itself should ever be lightweight. It’s the way we communicate complex ideas is what matters.

Realisation of your idea

uss-nimitz-108622_640Reading this is hopefully empowering and inspiring. But it will take you nowhere unless you will have the courage to start on your idea. Even a small test could be sufficient enough. First step of action taken towards the realisation of your idea is all it takes to see the results which you desire so badly.


“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” Wayne Gretzky

So many of us are scared of failure but this quote covers it brilliantly. It scares us to think of doing extraordinary things but that is precisely why we should be doing them. When a project fails, learn from your mistakes and start a better one next. If that one fails, start another one even better than the one before. Make it a habit of starting things.

So you have taken the first step.

Amazing! You have started! But now start to feel a bit down as you don’t see the results coming your way as quickly as you would like. You wait for that recognition… You wait… And then you start to drift away considering of cancelling your project. Weeks go by and your passion dissolves like a drop of ink into water. Then you give up.

Persistence is your key to light

When you feel like giving up, have the strength of carrying out your actions. Hold yourself accountable against all odds. Set a deadline of at least 21 days (This is the optimal and shortest time required to evaluate any new action – extraordinary for your daily routine) and maybe even 66 days (This is the time required to form a new habit) Even when it seems like there is no hope for you out there, trust me – biggest breakthroughs do happen when you would least expect it.

And then voilà!

life-862985_640It either sticks or falls but at least you have taken those important steps to the realisation of your deepest desires. If it sticks, then may have found the light so many of us miss in their lives. If it falls then you have learned those important and difficult lessons from life which will only push you forward on your next project.

If you can take one idea from this entire post I hope it will be this – show the courage to start and stick to it. The rest will follow.




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  • Daiva Sabaliauskiene
    March 2, 2016

    Well formulated summary of a clear idea 🙂

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