Experiment #2: Distraction – Closer look at the social media


Recently I have found myself spending a lot of time on social media. Facebook wall-scrolling is one my biggest addictions, as well as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and the list goes on. These activities have upsides if you are trying to connect with someone important, promote your products, services or whatever you may enjoy or like doing. It is a brilliant way to connect with the people who may have social-media-936543_640common interests and by far the easiest way of sharing ideas.

Time consuming

When we start talking about these social places we tend to focus on the benefits rather than the downsides. I often fool myself by saying it will only take a minute to watch this video, to check out a few more pictures and to find out about this or that. Then minutes build up and all together it adds up to some solid amounts of time. Worst of all, I am often carried away with the interesting information which is completely useless to me, only serving one function – entertainment.

It does look so innocent to browse a minute more or two, so I decided to put myself through the experiment which would help me find out exactly how long do I spend on social media.

Experiment goal

How often per day would I get distracted by Social Media which would prevent me completing my goals and tasks at hand. How often this would be the fake pleasure of entertainment.

Day 1

  • Distraction1:  1youtube + 1facebook + mail + 1fcb.vid = 30min (before 11:30am)
  • 5Min wmail
  • 2min wmail
  • 15min fb +wmail
  • Fcb +wmail 4min
  • 3min fcb
  • 2min fcb
  • 2min wmail
  • 32min fcb + fbvid (7:53pm)
  • 5min fcb
  • 5min mail
Day 2
  • notebook-experiment-distraction2min fcb
  • 10min fcb
  • 15min music
  • 30min shopping

Day 3

  • 5min fcb
  • 20min ytb
  • 40min ytb
Day 4
  • 5min fcb
Day 5
  • 30min fcb
Day 6
  • 13min fcb +WhatsApp
  • 5min fcb
Day 7
  • 15min fcb
  • 5min fcb

Week 1 280 minutes  (4 hours 40 minutes)

Day 8
  • 5min fcb
  • 30min ytb
  • 10min fcb
Day 9
  • 10min fcb
Day 10 
  • 15min fcb
  • 10min fcb
Day 11
  • Fcb 10min
  • Work at home 13min
  • 15min ytb
  • 1h seamless surfing and browsing
Day 12
  • 10min fcb
  • 10min work mail
  • 5min fcb
Day 13
  • Fcb 25min

Week 2 258 minutes (4 hours 18 minutes)

Amsterdam hols (3 days)
  • Fcb 1h (total, posting sharing, surfing)
Day 17
  • Fcb 10min
  • Fcb 5min
Day 18
  • Fcb 15min
  • youtube 30min
Day 19
  • 15min fcb
  • 10min
  • 4min fcvid
Day 20
  • 2min fcb
  • 5min fcb
Day 21
  • 5min fcbvid
  • 5min fcb
  • 20min fcb
  • P20min fcbvid
Day 22
  • 35min fcb

Week 3 231 minutes (3 hours 51 minutes)

Statistics based on my experiment

Total of 769 minutes (12 hours 50 minutes) in 22 days

Average daily: 35 minutes spent on Social Media websites

65% of the time was Facebook

13% of the time was Youtube

15% of the time was Instagram

7% of the time was Other Social media

Statistics based on average

Based on 35 minutes per day average it means I am spending 12 775 minutes yearly on Social Media and more than half of this time is spent on Facebook alone.

This equals 213 hours per year or 9 days of constant browsing through the sites.

I conducted this experiment one year ago, this was the time when I barely used Instagram or Twitter. Now I use those a lot more. I would not consider myself a heavy user either, some people who I know do spend a lot more time using media platforms.


It is shocking to realise how much of our valuable time goes into trash because we fool ourselves. We fall under the fake pleasure trap which Social Media platforms provide, wasting our time learning things we don’t care about. I am most certainly will think twice before I open my facebook wall again.

Yes, in the modern world that we live those platforms are essential to us. But we must put all the effort we can to ensure as little time as possible is wasted in those places. This a growing issue which we all face and must be addressed. But first we must understand and realise there is a problem before we can solve it.

I would encourage you to do this sort of experiment, results may shock you as it did me.

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