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Thoughts are quick to come and go in our mind. Even when our heads are as idle as it can be – we still think about various things which are not always important or necessary. In fact I found it very difficult to NOT think at all. I have been practising meditation for almost two months and one of the main goals through this relaxation is to not think but instead to focus on the feelings. The first few sessions I can find my mind and thoughts drifting away even when trying to concentrate on clearing my head.

Thoughts are not tangible, thoughts are like fluids

splashing-275950_640Often we can jump from one subject to another using super speed in our minds. Sometimes we simultaneously think about a few problems, solving them at the same time. The beauty of our brain is that we can switch our thinking in the speed of light. This allows us to solve the most difficult tasks at hand, improve at work, be better at achieving and nudging our project towards the success.

We humans, it seems, have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 thoughts per day

We may feel like we have the right solution in one minute and then think it was the worst another. Then we forget about it completely in the next few minutes. This happens in our minds more often than we could imagine.

Memory works against us

Our memory is great most of the time but not when it comes to remembering thoughts. How many times I had a great idea and then forgot about it? Well, I am not alone here. Research shows we think thousands of different thoughts every day and barely remember a few of those the next day. It happens more often than you think.

Writing engages 3 main senses

When we are doing it, we can see what was scribbled. This
will be recorded through your vision and saved in your memory.

Writing style can be very appealing to your taste, which will make it more memorable as well.

Touch is the second most powerful sense in writing, you will feel the movement of your wrist, this will engage you with the scribbling which you are doing.

Think on paper.

writing-828911_640Pen and paper my dear is your best friend. Think and then write it down, then look at it.

In this way we can make our thoughts tangible and make sense of them better. Then we can develop those ideas and build them into real and sophisticated projects.

Look around you, computers, electricity, concrete buildings – all of this was once imagined someone’s mind, then written, drawn and built afterwards. Only when it makes perfect sense on paper it can become a real project.


As simple as it is a well formulated sentence is the most powerful tool to delivering an idea. Writing those down will force you to think clearly and expand on your ideas fluently. If you can formulate a paragraph in such way so your Grandma could understand what you are talking about then everyone will understand what you are talking about. If there is a biggest mistake anyone can make is to talk about something that no one can understand. That’s a waste of your and their time.

Get an Idea Book

Invest into a good notebook, smooth paper, A4 size works best, hard cover. Call it what you wish, mine is called – Idea Book.  Then start using it, put a date on each project so you could see where those stand in time. Write down anything which makes you feel driven.

15 minutes challenge

Challenge yourself to write at least 15 minutes per day and you will be amazed how many different ideas you can develop. As your writing skills will progress you will get much better at communicating your ideas and diving deeper into a possible future projects.

Write anything which makes you excited, ask questions and answer them. Look at what you have scribbled, this will allow your mind to expand on it.


Thinking on paper can help you to expand on the big ideas, develop projects and bring your thoughts together. It had been one of my most powerful tool for years now and I am confident it could become one for you too.

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  • daiva Sabaliauskienė
    March 31, 2016

    A delightful reading as always.

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