Rome Holidays


Day 1

Arrival (Fiumicino Airport)

Modern and new airport, easy to navigate. Takes very little time to get through the security and passport checks. Great experience.

Leonardo Express Train to Rome

Taking this train is a bliss. Lot’s of space, air-con, quick (30 min planned but it stretched to 55 min due to delay) and pleasant trip. They have electricity sockets next to every seat so make sure you have your charger at hand as in half an hour, thanks to fast charging it can reload your battery!

Vatican City

statue-vatican-city300+ people queue next to the entrance starting from the minute they open to the very closing time. Do yourself a favour and book a tour in advance, we jumped the queue and enjoyed the information provided by an official tour guide of Vatican. Stunning place and great architecture, it’s a bliss to walk around inside the tiny city. Beautiful, calm and peaceful.

Vatican Museum

vatican-city-ceilingMuseum can be easily compared to the Versailles palace, great halls and mind-blowing architecture there.  Starting from the outside to the inside, this place is full of famous artists works. One of a kind experience and it will blow your mind.

Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel with its ceiling decorated by Michelangelo and the Stanze di Raffaello decorated by Raphael are on the visitor route through the Vatican Museums.

Saint Peter’s Basilica

st-peters-basilica-domeOne of the greatest Basilicas in the world hands down. The size of it is hard to grasp until you are inside. Every little bit is hand decorated, frescos and paintings, sculptures and gold.

Day 2

Pompeii Day Tour

I would highly recommend getting a tour outside Rome to visit Pompeii, the ancient city. It was my birthday 10th of April and this was the day when Rome marathon was taking place. This meant the full shut down of the city for the runners was in action. This trip served us a great escape.

Mt. Vesuvius, Naples – 1 mile climb to the top

volcano-vesuviusFor the first time I have climbed a volcano! What an experience! This is one of the three active volcanoes in Europe, which was last erupted in 1944. Scientists are predicting that the next eruption is going to take place soon. Bus took us up about 2/3 of the mountain and the we had to walk last 1/3 of it. Great scenery of city Naples unveils as you scale this mountain. At the top you will find lots of volcanic rocks and lava stones together with the unpleasant smell of the sulphur in the air.

Pompeii Ruins

pompeii-preserved-humanThis city has been preserved brilliantly. So many building ruins stand still and it is possible to see the inside decorations as well as little details found everywhere. We have spent 3 hours there and it seemed like it was not even close to explore even half of it.

Day 3

Palatine Hill

palatine-hillThis is where first Romans settled. Then the great palace emerged and it 2000 years ago it was the highlight and the beauty of the city. Now, unfortunately only ruins remain reminding us of the greatness it once had.

Roman Forum

roman-forumA lot of structures remain and they combine in such way that makes a great composition for the picture and the enjoyment. This is where Romans used to gather and socialize. The greatness of the place is mind staggering.


me-at-the-colleseumIf there is one thing you could visit in Rome, this is it. This structure remained for thousands of years and still stands strong. The size of it is unmatched and the games that took place in there are wowing at the very least. Surprisingly the technology was so good that they were able to do a variety of amazing events – like flooding the entire arena and having ships battle.

Day 4

View from the Saint Peter’s Basilica

St-peters-basilica-viewIts separated from Vatican Museum entrance, therefore you must go around to get there. Security checks take place, which results in queuing, then on the right side of the Basilica there is an entrance to the dome.

600+ steps to get to the top and its all worth it. Long journey, comparable to pilgrimage to the very pinnacle of Rome. Would not recommend to claustrophobic people as there will be some tight and confined spaces as stairs twist and turn around the dome to work around the circular structure.

The View was wowing and exceptional, the symmetry of Vatican City + Rome in the background. The feeling of completion took place in my heart. Indeed it was the final attraction of our trip. Then we went to the airport short after.


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