My 4 Favourite Apps


I grew up with the mobile device in my hand and I believe it is built to suit any need. Our entire company communications are happening through phones, my holidays from start to finish are filmed and pictured using the same device, calling people from anywhere you stand with video and sound to reach them across the globe thousands of miles away.

Of course you are well aware of the benefits, but those are huge and we both know it. Yet none of this can be done if you don’t know or understand. Then question rises, how do we exploit it?

Here I will list my favourite and essential apps which I use daily

Money Race 2


People often find themselves struggling financially. Learning is a good option to financial freedom but majority really hate accounting and I can see why… No one likes to crunch numbers.

I have recently been trying to get better at financial literacy. Now this is one tricky subject and even once you get a hang of the terms like passive income, balance sheet, assets and liabilities – just to name a few, it’s still very difficult to understand it in real life situations.

There is this app called Money Race 2 which is awesome. It uses real life situations, provides you a profession, pays you a salary and then randomly throws opportunities and other real life situations for you to solve it financially. It perfectly illustrates all the tricky terms and after playing it for a week or two you will be fluent with the accounting terms. It is FREE too! Unbelievable! You get 30 turns and then you must wait about an hour to get more turns. If you get really hooked up, then you can pay 0.80£ for turns and there are larger packs too.


Web-EvernoteHands-down my favourite app of all time. This should be an essential into everyone’s tool kit. Logo represents an elephant. This animal never forgets. App allows you to save everything you could come across with.

Reading all types of documents – Pdf, Xml, Word, Jpeg, you name it. I have not approached a document which it could not read yet. Software previews docs for you as you hover over the note, you can even search through the mighty engine to find words inside your documents, not just notes.

It’s possible to snap a picture of any documents and convert them immediately to word / pdf documents too. Same for business cards, it automatically synchronizes it with your address book in your phone if it is linked correctly.

Web clipping tool is excellent, you can save entire pages / save pictures or just the area which you wish, like a sentence or a paragraph.

Recording audio notes, pen notes, Picture notes. I will stop here as it would simply take the entire post just for this app. Its basic account is free of charge and then it has premium options. Inspired about it and would love to get organized more? Click here to learn all about it 


TwilightThis app is great for those who like to use their phones before the bed time. It works on tablets and other devices too. Simply put, bright screens prevent you from sleeping at the right time, it has something to do with the melatonin levels in your body, click here to learn more about it. 

Twilight turns off the killer blue light on your device focusing on the red and warm lights. This will allow your melatonin to act as usual and you will sleep like a baby. Give yourself 1 hour before sleep to dim the screen and swap blue for red and you will thank me in the long run!


bluemailGreat email application. It allows you to customize your sync times, modify the notifications and assign different tones to senders. I have my work mail set to 2 buzz, important to 3 buzz and unimportant to 1 buzz. It manages multiple email accounts, up to 3 or 4 for free.

Best and fastest email application out there. If you use your phone to email people often, I highly recommend this application as it will reduce the frustration of lag over heavy emails and increase your productivity!


I have only covered the really important apps here and not all of them either. I would be quiet happy to make an extension to his post in upcoming weeks if you are interested.

“Apps are keys to locked doors and your devices are the hands for those keys. Use your hands with the right keys and it will open all doors ahead of you.”

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