Pareto Principle & being the Original Thinker


It has been a few very interesting weeks since I came back from Greece. I have stumbled upon Brian Tracy video which outlines Pareto Law or 80/20 rule and how to apply it to my goals.

Pareto Principle

States that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. Now this may seem irrelevant if you are not studying the economy like Pareto did in that time – studying Italian wealthiest people. Yet this can be applied to almost anything in Life.

Watch Brian Tracy video how he recommends you to apply this to your goals. Well I did it for a while now and as you already know, the bigger the goal, the scarier it seems to start on it.

I highly recommend you trying it as I have seen some good results already. By spending 20% of my time to work on the most important goals, I truly start to influence the 80% of the outcomes. Let’s see to what will come in the next few months but I have a good feeling for it!

Experiment: Pareto Principle – 80/20 Rule

Yet another experiment is born. I suggest you to follow a simple to do list format to make sure you keep yourself accountable to take action every day. I used my favourite not taking app Evernote to create a man-1191845_640note with a box to tick each action and record it.

Step 1

Action box – 66 in my case

Step 2

A sentence or two to outline action taken that day

Step 3

Date when action was taken

Then this can easily be opened using your phone and easily filled with the information to keep yourself accountable.

Now that this is already out there, all you need to do is to pay a bit of attention on daily basis and see results flowing!

Reading, learning and taking instant action

I have finished many books in my recent months, but now I have slowed down a bit. I realized that a lot of information may be easily forgotten if there was no action taken at the right time.

women-697928_640Even when taking notes and highlighting what really matters in books that are best sellers out there, we tend to forget 50% of it in less than a year. Unfortunately this is how our minds work and there is not much we can do to help it…

There is one great way to remember well – practise. If you read a good example or an interesting theory, consider having a little experiment to test the idea.

Tim Ferris does a great job illustrating this technique in his best seller “4 Hour Work Week” where after each chapter he forces you to take certain action.

Overcoming difficulties

There will be many walls ahead of us when we embark on the new project, the key is to keep on pushing towards the success. However that’s easier said than done.

Often we tend to think that our idea may be the greatest success and then the next day it may seem like it is a total failure. Again this is how we are and there is not much we can do to influence this. By using systems, we can help ourselves to get through the tough times to reach the ultimate success.

Watch this Ted talk to see what I am talking about here.

Original thinker

Is someone who is quick to start and slow to finish.

The Creative Process

  1. This is Awesome
  2. This is Tricky
  3. This is Crap
  4. I am Crap
  5. This Might be Okay
  6. This is Awesome

3. This is Crap 
4. I am Crap 

Avoid the step 3-4 by telling yourself that the first few drafts are always crap.

dandelion-1392492_640By understanding this problem, you will understand that it will happen.

Vuja De – derived from Deja Vu, the phenomenon where an event happens and you feel that it has happened before or that you dreamed/predicted/instinctually felt it would happen.

Vuja De is the direct opposite. It’s when something or somewhere that should be familiar is suddenly very different.


Focus on what matters, by only spending 20% of the time you can expect 80% return for your work. Learn everyday and take action on what you learn as otherwise it will be forgotten sooner than you think. Don’t give up when things tend to get tough as eventually it will take you back to the Awesome part !

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