Game of Frames


Game of Thrones being half way through the season 6 and being my favourite show – I decided to explore my dearest character – Tyrion.

This video is really interesting and it pretty much shows how power works, credit goes to Charisma on Command.

Tyrion, who was submerged in his books through his earlier life now has the wisdom and a great understanding of how to influence people. He does this remarkably well by using the technique called “Frame”. Author of the video goes as far to call it a “Game of Frames” which does make a lot of sense. In a few examples it explores how Tyrion shifts people’s mind around him using a variety of techniques.

Key Skill: Listening

Only when we listen, we can really learn what other people desire, want and hope for. By listening well, we make other people feel important and encourage them to open up.

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” – Bernard Baruch

buddha-statue-546458_640If there is anything you wish to gain from someone, you must first listen and learn what other person wants. Every one acts in their own self-interest, that’s a fact. Learning how to appeal for someone’s self-interest is the key to getting what you want for yourself.

Richard Branson does a great job outlining why listening is so important in this article.

Take Notes

Memory is a tricky thing, it works wonders when it comes to powerful experiences but it does not record what it feels may not be important in the future. Unfortunately consciously we can not choose what we want to remember and what we feel like forgetting.

If you will have a great idea, it may be forgotten in less than an hour, unless of course you will make a note.

Pen & Paper

writing-1209121_640This is the old school way of doing it and people like Richard Branson have proved that simple methods work wonders too. In the environment where you can always access a sheet of paper / notebook and have a pen around, this is the fastest and most efficient way to take notes.


My favourite tool to make notes. I have explained the functionality and flexibility this app offers in my previous post. But here I would like to mention how simple and easy it is to scribble little short notes using Evernote.

Simply add Evernote widget to your phone screen, it will present you with the line for: 1. Text note 2. Picture note 3. Audio recording

Just chose your note preference and you are good to go, as soon as you finish typing/speaking or taking a picture, no need to click save, you can simply close the widget and it will automatically save your note. I have been taking notes in this way for long time now and it works like magic.

Chose your words carefully

window-frame-1149117_640Luckily we won’t be killed if we will say something rather stupid nowadays. Yet, a bad comment or a wrong choice of words may prove lethal to your work or important relationships.

Of course it may be difficult to take the time to think when you are in the middle of the chat but it is beneficial to at least be aware of what may hinder the outcome you are seeking.


chess-442542_640Consider understanding the Game of Frames and it will take you a long way ahead of the game. Listen more and talk less. Make sure you take notes when you learn important lessons. Think before you speak. One day you may become as wise as Tyrion…

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    June 2, 2016

    Enjoyed the reading as I had expected ot perhaps even more :0)

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