Welcome To My Personal Blog 2.0


Before I start telling you what it is going to be about, let me explain myself a bit… And those of you who have landed here for the first time – Hello!

Back in 2016 January, I have launched my personal blog. I was talking about my passions like personal development and travel. It was nowhere near perfect but it was serving a purpose. I was able to communicate my ideas to the world and share everything which seemed important to me. I’ve kept posting weekly up until August and I was proud of it.

Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

The End

Then I decided to stop blogging and went to start my first online business. It was information related endeavour focused on content. Since September 2016 up until April 2017, I have only managed to create 2 videos. I did a tonne of research and was so focused on running a perfect website, perfect approach and all. I can call it a failed business because it sucked a tonne of my time and didn’t produce any results. I was so focused on the best possible design, best font, best website. I forgot about the most important part which was posting and sharing.

Turn & Realisation

Recently I had a serious turn in my professional career. I changed from Duck & Waffle to Sushi Samba. It is a new chapter in my life and with it, I believe it is a perfect timing to scrape all my business ideas. At least for now. Instead, to focus on my career and personal blog.

I have been following Gary Vaynerchuk a lot recently and he always talks about benefits of having a ‘personal brand’. I was wishing to do just that but I usually felt like it was a narcissistic thing to do. Now I understand. My nowhere near perfect personal blog has brought me more happiness and success to my online presence than any other online business attempt.


But there was one major problem with my blog before.

I kept on believing that I must follow “fake it till you make it” approach. This was wrong. Honesty builds trust. Be true to yourself.

I was trying to persuade everyone that my life and my habits were perfect. Which was not true. I had my good days and I blogged about them. I had my bad days and I kept those to myself. It is not fair to show the bright side and hide the dark one.

New Chapter & Promise

Learning from that, I will share my ups and downs in this personal blog. I would be happy to establish a following in the coming months but this is not the purpose of this blog. The purpose of it is to document and journal my professional career. Capture the ups and downs and to establish a personal brand. To hold myself accountable with good habits and share my progress on improving myself. To inspire others to pursue their dreams and show that struggle leads to success. Life is a big struggle. Pushing forward is what matters.

I will share my travels, career growth, personal development journey and everything else that I am passionate about.

My first personal blog was not perfect. Nor is this one. It is time to create content, even if its rough around the edges. Creation is what matters. Here I start creating again and it gives me so much pleasure.

I want to thank you for reading through this introductory blog post. There will be much more to follow. If you would be interested into following, consider subscribing.

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