Have We Discovered A Secret Formula to Success?


Not too long ago, maybe three or four years back. I was reading a book and discovered a profound technique. It seemed to be a secret formula which could transform people’s lives and thrust them towards success. This secret formula was rather a simple method. For years I thought I knew what to do if I wanted to make a name for myself.

“Fake it till you make it”

Is it worth it?

I tried and it sort of work in real life. For the most part at least. Showing confidence and standing up for myself helped me grow in my career rather fast. I was never the smartest person in the room, which is not easy to admit. Yet, I always worked more than anyone else. I’ve put in the time to learn and did tasks which no one else would want to do. It wasn’t easy but had to be done to achieve my goals.

I agree that it is a good technique to some extent in real life. As long as we are willing to work hard and long to establish ourselves, to live up to our promises.

Back In The Days

10 years ago it took a decent website, ability to be found easily and an average content online. Being sort of consistent on your content meant you might be lucky enough to be able to live a laptop lifestyle.

Internet Today

This approach is fundamentally flawed and twisted when it comes to the internet nowadays. Social media plays a huge role in every content creators life. Disappointingly there is so much crap around. It is very hard to trust anyone. Every day I find people on Instagram pretending to be experts and selling their services. After 30 seconds on their website, a popup appears forcing me to download their free book for my email. I don’t trust them, why would I believe them? More, why would I pay my hard earned money for their products? With the quantity of bad media out there it is very hard to trust anyone and without trust, no one will buy.

Get Rich Quick or not…?

Because of these ill led people, online internet seems to be the place for scammers and fake experts. To sell their unrealistic online products to consumers. Who would pay to anyone handing out their so-called gold tickets or get rich quick schemes?

Hiding behind brands distancing themselves from real people. It’s too easy to get carried away by double tapping to get more likes, more retweets and Facebook page shares. Real people have to trust creators and know their personalities before they would consider spending a penny on anything sold by them.

The Web is Saturated – Standing Out Is Not Easy

Markets and social media is overly saturated and it’s nearly impossible to stand out. Identifying your uniqueness is the first step. Then use it to create your own path. Don’t try and work hard to be like everyone else. It is easy to think that pretending to be someone who is already successful will lead you there eventually. This is a very risky strategy and I would not recommend it for anyone.

Fake is Tough Work

Lastly, it is very hard to be fake. Being myself is one of the best decision I took so far. Creating a “Person which I think everyone would like” require a lot of energy and hard work. There are too many people out there trying to be liked by everyone, do yourself a favour and don’t be one of them.

Learn From Failure

But it is not all grey and shady. One of my online business endeavours was based on the same approach. I pretended to be an expert, I bought reviews and designed my website in a way to make it look legit. I went out marketing myself as an expert selling my services. And guess what, no one cared. I had people visiting but no one trusted me. I was pondering daily: “What was I doing wrong?”.

The whole approach was wrong. I scrapped it and decided to be real and authentic. By Being honest with people who invest their time to follow my content. I hope more people will realise this sooner. The Internet is a great place for awesome ideas. Sell good stuff, add value to people’s lives or don’t sell at all.

Be Real & Authentic, Don’t Deceive people

The question that I ask myself when trying to discover why people fake things and personalities, why? There are many reasons to do it, but finding a reason not to is the way we must go. If we want to succeed.

Share this idea and help spread the word. Help those fake experts to invest their time to learn what adds value to people’s lives. Nudge them towards those activities.

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