How Much £££ is Enough?


It has been a few years of me admiring and following internet entrepreneurs. They post regular content on their websites, create inspiring and motivational videos on youtube. Do podcasts, blog and vlog. Most of them claim to make a full income and live a laptop lifestyle.

But what does it take to live off just your work and laptop?

I wish I would have the answer for that. For now, I can only ponder and think what could it be.

There seem to be hundreds of people doing just that, but how realistic is it?

Average cost of living in London

First, let’s work out how much does one must earn to actually live in comfort. I live in London. An average rent for a room is around 600-700£ per month in a decent location. 1 bedroom flat or a studio will be from 1300 to 2000 on average. My expenses currently are about 500-600£ per month. This is including all the necessities and a few perks.

At the moment I am sharing my rent with my girlfriend. It is possible to fit in 1000£ per month. That includes full gym subscription, food, rent and a few restaurants here and there. 1000£ per month is definitely more on the frugal side of living.

How much is good enough?

I won’t go into too much detail but earning somewhere around 1200-2000£ after tax would be a compelling amount to earn. To consider going full in. But it seems to be a rather unattainable goal to have for someone who is nobody online. Even earning a few hundreds of pounds seem to be a difficult task to achieve.

Website, social presence and weekly updates is not enough

It’s easy to set up a good looking website. Create compelling profiles on social media websites and even post often. If I can manage that with my full-time position working over around 55h per week, then it’s doable.

But is it enough to make it online within a year or two? Most likely not. I would love to believe it is, but I doubt it.

Stop pushing your free products so you could sell your real products too early

I’m sure there would be a hundred people out there who would disagree and try to prove me wrong. Maybe it’s just me who believes it is way too many people out there trying to push their free eBooks for your email address. who then could push their products daily and spam your inbox endlessly.

Model excellence

Is this what the industry is like? is this all there is to the internet? I hope not. In fact, there are people like Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris and many others. Who put out some seriously good content. Then there are writers like Seth Godin. Who always inspire and show different approaches to succeeding.


And then there is work. Or hustle as Gary V. would put it. It is too easy to watch youtube for hours, Tv shows or any other mind numbing activity. I’ve spent hours and hours doing just that. It is difficult to admit but I wasted lots of time. Even today I have spent 1 hour 30 minutes just watching silly stuff on youtube after I got up in the morning.

Distraction is everywhere

It is too easy to get distracted in this information-filled world. We are lucky to have such access to anything within a swipe or a click. But it is also a big problem we must face.

How many people get distracted too easy? How often have you read a book and never finished it? Too often, so did I. It takes an effort to keep going.

The answer

So what does it take to make a name for yourself in this busy world? I believe there is a mix of hustle, networking, motivation and luck.

It’s hard to do all that every day. People post content for months like I did. Sometimes for years to get 10 visits for their websites daily. 10 visits??? It’s nothing. How many youtube channels there are that get no views or under 100. So many, at least they are trying. How do you differentiate yourself from them? Successful people share their advice. But there are thousands who did exactly the same thing and failed anyway.

Hold yourself accountable

How do you make sure you won’t be the failure? I don’t know. But I will try a variety of approaches and see what works and what doesn’t.

Going 100% all in and doing everything I feel is right at the time is a good start. The rest will follow.

Maybe I will be another person in that 1000 who failed. Maybe I will make it one day, but I will work towards the success and won’t give up when setbacks come my way.

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