Video Content Challenge – How Hard Can It Be?


How I am overcoming my fear of posting video content. One of the bigger obstacles for me at this time is to start uploading and posting video content. I have made a few of those before. Uploaded but haven’t shared with anyone yet.

I have filmed my goals video recently but still hesitating to post it. I have spent at least 2 hours today considering whether I should scrape my goals video and make a better one.

This article will be my ice breaker. I must post it today and I will. But before I do so, I want to outline the reasons why I am worried so much about doing it.

What will people think?

Creating and sharing is always a tough act. It is impossible to know what kind of response it will attract. A lot of people won’t care. Some will hate. Some will like it. Some won’t understand and might criticise.

Understanding that is one of the first steps to overcoming the fear of sharing. But then there is the technical side. Having lower quality video, not framing it right and being too small in the whole picture is one of the mistakes I made in my first video. This is fine.

Should I Scrap it?

So why the hell should I post it? Why don’t I just scrape it off and carry on blogging only?

First, this is one of the challenges I must overcome. It is my personal goal.

Second, Youtube is the second most visited website after Google. Everywhere I turn, people watch content on youtube extensively.

It used to be easy to get noticed if you had a clear branding on your website. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But nowadays there is so much content out there that people tend to be overwhelmed.

It is clear that video is the most engaging way to communicate online. Yet so many people lack video content.

More Excuses…

But Why? It requires a lot of technical knowledge. Understanding the software. Using the right microphone, camera and lights just to start with. Then there is the fear of what people will think about you. The fear of talking in front of the camera and sounding silly. It is easy to say something funny and off topic when a person is nervous.

Most importantly, it requires for me to step out of my comfort zone. To expose my thoughts to everyone.

So I can find a lot or reasons why I shouldn’t do it. But the truth is if I don’t try, I will regret it forever. Which is why I will go ahead and share. I feel like this is the right move for me at the moment.

It will definitely up my game in the online world and over time increase my confidence with cameras. I hope I will be able to get a lot better and provide more content to you guys.

Final Thought

This video is far from perfect. I was nervous, framed it wrong and got my camera settings off.

“Nonetheless, if I keep on postponing my first step – there will never be a second one. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

Here is the Video

2 Responses
  • A. K. Finn
    July 19, 2017

    Bro, I’m in the same boat–feeling like video is the next step, but it’s scary putting yourself out there like that (even though being real, stepping up, etc. has always been the focus).
    I thought your video was great! : )

    • Bernard
      July 22, 2017

      Hey, I understand what you mean. Just do it, stop worrying how good or bad it will come out. Just make it happen on weekly basis and you will see the results soon. I am just optimising my website a bit more and will be blasting out content weekly. Very exciting! Let me know how it goes, I hope you will find the courage to start!

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