How To Supercharge Your Day In Just 5 Minutes


By now you have probably heard all the amazing benefits a daily meditation offers. It reduces stress, improves concentration, encourages a healthy lifestyle, increases self-awareness, happiness, slows ageing and much more.

It sounds almost too good to be true. After all, I’m sitting for 5-10 minutes a day and doing nothing, right? How can that help me with anything but waste my time?

If you a short on time, this article will be reviewing an app called ‘Insight Timer’. Download it, use it. Take 5 minutes of your day for at least 7 days and you will see the results, I promise.

80% of the most successful people out there have a mindfulness practice which they follow every day.

Need more convincing? Check out this amazing infographic detailing all the benefits you could reap if you would start meditating today.

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Personal Experimentation

Since my meditation experiment in April, I have stopped practising. If you haven’t read the article, check it out here. I did it for 70 consecutive days. Got some incredible results and was very happy with it. I stopped because it was getting boring. I used an audio guide to practice, which got very repetitive.

Soon I forgot about it completely.

New Curiosity Sparked

Recently I was reading the new book by Tim Ferris called ‘Tools of Titans’. This book consists of nearly all of his interviews over the years on Tim Ferris podcast. Highlighting the best practices of all most successful people interviewed. At the beginning, he claims that at least 80% of the people he interviewed have a sort of daily mindfulness practice.

Meditation is the easiest and most accessible way to be mindful.

I knew I had to start there and then. It took me a little time to get my old ways back in place but I felt the same feeling of boredom as before. When I decided to switch things up.

Meditate the smart way

Went on Google and searched ‘best meditation apps’. Why apps? Because it is the easiest way and most accessible too.

My attention got locked on ‘Mindfulness’. Great little app, excellent for beginners as it has guided meditation from ground zero. Anyone can start and would feel the effects. It also offers a timer, which can be 5min, 15min, 30min. Chose whether it will be guided or silent. Background sounds: Beach, Forest, Rain, Stream, Waves. I used it for 3 days and was very happy but felt like something was still missing.

Insight Timer

Then started looking again and found another option which seemed appealing. Called ‘Insight Timer’. At first, I wasn’t sure whether I would like it but several sources said it is hands down the best app and it is also free.

Little did I know, I was about to fall in love with it. ‘Insight Timer’ offers a huge community across the world, in fact at the time of this writing, there are 2984 people meditating. 100 of them are within 5 miles of my location. How motivating is that?

Huge Guided Meditations Library

Motivation aside, everyone can submit their guided meditations and share with the rest of the community. Top 20 will have the best ones, created by professionals and masters of the field. I only touched the surface by following Morning meditation by Jonathan Lehmann but I already love it.

You see these professionals include affirmations in their meditation. Combining two amazing practises which I knew I must follow but never found the time to do. There are hundreds of different techniques and approaches to take. 5745 free meditations available currently.

From 1 Minute to Hours – Insights Timer will fit the busiest schedules

Best of all, it starts from 1-minute mindfulness to hours. It doesn’t matter how busy I am – I will always have 1 minute to meditate. If I only have 5 minutes, then let’s go for it. 10 or 15? Yes, please! Meaning I shouldn’t skip this practice ever again! It will never get boring either as all I have to do is to pick another guru and start again.

Professional timer when guided meditations are not a preferred way of doing it

If I have no access to the internet – rarely but it does happen… There is a built in timer, allowing me to chose any time at all, a variety of ambient sounds (Including premium ones which I could buy from 1.99£).

Profile Building

Last but not least, It creates my profile and displays my meditation to the rest of the world holding me accountable. I can see how many days and for how many minutes did I meditate. Forget manual tracking – it is all done within the app automatically.

I am not sponsored by this application. Its creators have no idea about me writing this article. I am just really happy with the results and the functionality it offers.

5 Minutes a Day

So if you are still considering whether you should include some sort of mindfulness practice into your daily life. It has never been easier.

Grab this free application and you will be well on your way. Long passed are the days of manual writing and tracking on a piece of paper. All the hard work is done for you, just snatch this and reap the benefits with little work.

Have an amazing day. I hope I have inspired you to do something great today!

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