Panasonic G7 And Rode VideoMicro, DJI Mavic Pro Field Test & Blog Article Breakdown


Got out to the park with my new Panasonic g7 and rode videomicro. Tested it with my Evolve Bamboo Gt and the sun was about to set so not ideal lighting conditions. Footage has been colour graded. Then I flew my DJI Mavic Pro to capture the beautiful sunset. Had a good time!

This is my 3rd Vlog style video which I made, back in summer I had the challenge to create 10 of these to see whether this format is working. I have 7 more to go and see where it will take me. I had lots of fun creating it. In this video I am talking about the recent post I made which was called 4 Steps I Took To Make Time And Tame My Ugly Habit. If you haven’t seen it yet – I strongly recommend checking it out!

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