Top 10 Guided Meditation Sessions For Mindfulness


I have been struggling to maintain a daily mindfulness practice since the beginning of the year. For someone like me who gets bored really easily, I just couldn’t keep it up for more than 2-3 weeks as I would just get bored. I managed to do it for about 70 days in spring but as soon as my goal has been ticked off, I gave up nearly right away.

On the 6th of July, I’ve started using Insight Timer App. This is one of the greatest decisions I have made this year. Since then I have maintained my meditation habit with the minimal effort. You can check my previous article I wrote about it here. 

Long story short, I’ve been meditating for a bit over 4 months and have 124 days with at least one session based on my insight timer stats. I barely use timer – guided meditation library is so big and so powerful that I can find some really amazing options there. These meditation sessions are listed in order by the length of the session. It does not mean that number 1 is better than number 2 and so on.


1. One Minute Meditation

             Time: 1min

Author: Don Reed Simmons

Review: Short and Sweet. Great way to get a taste of meditation if you are just starting out. Very little commitment required, anyone has 1 minute in their day no matter how busy you are. Perfect for busy days when otherwise I wouldn’t be able to sit down for 5 minutes or more. Meditation is all about maintaining the habit on daily basis. I had a few days when I didn’t seem to have any time, this saved the day.

2. Simply Being – Relaxation & Presence

Time: 5min

Author: Mary Maddux

Review: Great to connect with the current time, it is 5 minutes which is a sweet spot for most of the beginners. Touches the breathing technique and the relaxation in this practice. Was one of my favourites when I started out but now I just use it when I’m short on time but have a bit more than 1 minute.

3. Breathing Meditation

Time: 9min

Author: Jack Kornfield

Review: This meditation focuses on breathing. As you know, breathing is the key element of any meditation. It teaches you the right technique and how to not lose focus.

4. Morning Meditation With Music

Time: 10min

Author: Jonathan Lehmann

Review: It was one of my favourites for the first two months. Allows us to learn how to breathe properly and observe it while doing it. Jonathan introduces affirmations which help us stay on point and improving our belief in all major areas of our life. Finishes with the gratitude and emotional observation. Very good for beginners looking to extend towards 10 minutes.

5. Meditation for Self-Confidence

Time: 11min

Author: Heather Waxman

Review: I’ve only tested it a few times but I think it is great for those who struggle with their self-confidence. Its great when I feel a bit depressed or down due to some event that took place recently.

6. Mindful Breathing

Time: 14min

Author: Thich Nhat Hanh

Review: More traditional way to meditate. Chinese Teacher explaining us the monk way and approach. I find it a bit odd but very interesting to see how a monk looks at the meditation and uses it in their daily practice.

7. Mountain Meditation

Time: 16min

Author: Andy Hobson

Review: My favourite at the moment. I love mountains in general but here I become one. It is well thought out and uses a mountain example to help me become grounded, stable and to withstand, difficult times like a mountain would. I like the 16min time as well as it’s more or less a sweet spot for my daily meditation routine after 4 months of daily practice.

8. Opening Your Chakras

Time: 17min

Author: David Ji

Review: Another favourite. This meditation surprised me. I had zero knowledge about chakras and how they work but learned everything in just 17 minutes. Wow! Well done David! Of course, listening to it multiple times is the key to actually remembering the chakras but I can already see the impact by chanting the rhythms of the selected chakras on daily basis. I’ve been alternating this one to mountain meditation for quite some time now.

9. Morning Energy Meditation

Time: 17min

Author: Angela Kontgen

Review: Great when feeling low and tired in the morning. It helps me rejuvenate and feel pumped to have a good start. I tend to have a couple of smart caffeine and maybe some noopept to go together with it which really boosts my energy levels and productivity skyrockets. If you would want to learn more about nootropics, check out my previous article here.


10. Morning Meditation at Amma’s Beach

Time: 21min

Author: Jonathan Lehmann

Review: This was my third favourite meditation when I was starting out. It is done on Amma’s beach in Kerala, India where I can hear the waves bouncing off the coast, birds and background sound. Really pushing the time as it takes 21 minutes. It starts out with the focus on breathing and calming down. Then takes me to affirmations all 11 of them to really empower my day. Finishes with gratitude and self investigation. Really awesome and powerful. If you only have the time…

11. Law Of Attraction & Abundance

Time: 20min

Author: Gale Minchew

Review: Great for those who are into the law of attraction. Some say its bu&%!*it but some really believe it works. I won’t dive into that discussion here but what I can tell you is that whatever you repeat to yourself for an extended period of time – it becomes a reality. So if you will listen to this for weeks, chances are you will attract abundance to yourself eventually. I personally like to listen to it when my motivation is down as it is very inspiring but a bit cheesy sounding too. Give it a go and see for yourself.


As you can see I have included only 11 of my most liked ones yet there are 7000 free guided meditations and music tracks (soon 10000). It really is a journey and I believe it will keep me mindful for years. If you are like me and always wanted to start meditating because of all the amazing benefits it provides yet struggled to start. Here is the solution, give it a go and you won’t be disappointed.


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