How To Achieve 10x Results In The next 12 Months


For the last 2 weeks, I have been obsessed with Grant Cardone’s books. This guy wears many hats – entrepreneur, the best-selling author famous for his 10x Rule Book, Be Obsessed or Be Average and others. Sales expert who worked with many fortune 100 companies including names like Google, Ford. This list could go on, read up on him on his website if really want to see all of his achievements.

I stumbled on his book Be Obsessed or Be Average first. Plowed through it and now I’m halfway into his 10x Rulebook. His confidence, genuine and ethical approach to sales is really resonating with me.

So Why Am I writing about him when my title suggests you could achieve 10x results in the next 12 months? Because his approach is incredible. He incorporates lessons from famous self-development writers like Napoleon Hill but uses it in a modern way. His examples are empowering and life changing

So What Are The Steps I took from His Famous books and started using recently? 

1. Writing my goals Every Day

The idea is plain old and simple. Writing 10-15 goals every day to stay on track. It’s incredible how many of us only write our goals for the new years resolutions only. I did that for a long time. Hell, before this I wasn’t even writing them down at all thinking just knowing what I wanted was enough.

Your goals are like roadmaps which will take you to your desired outcome. This can only be achieved if you are on top of it all the time. I have started around 2 weeks ago and I can already feel the difference. The idea is to not look at what you have written the day before because this must come from the top of your head. After just a week I became so much more focused on what really mattered to me.

The amount of motivation this gives is incredible. I don’t need to look for motivation as it flows from my goals.

2. Feeding The Beast

With the right amount of effort, results will come. Therefore it is necessary to fuel my passion. Goals motivate me but achievements encourage me to keep going. I follow successful people who are doing 100x times more than I am. I learn from them and create similar content. This gets me better results and inspires confidence.

Working on exciting projects, having my values in line allows me to have an incredible satisfaction.

It is important to keep going as this momentum can spiral even more success.

3. Understand The Naysayers

Naysayers have to be understood by me and learned that they are trying to justify their own actions by not knowing and understanding.

They are not taking action and they come up with some incredible reasons for not doing it. Even without knowing or wanting they can easily throw me off course as they are trying to justify their own inaction.

4. Overpromising and Over-delivering

This is a life-changing idea to me. I was always so worried about underdelivering that I was promising very little which got close to no attention and interest. Instead, I see I must over promise. Then figure out a way to over deliver. Today industries are bloated and incredibly over marketed. If I want to stand out I must do more, work harder than anyone else.

It is not easy but very rewarding when achieved.

Imagine a theatre premiere where it would be advertised as “Average actors will perform an average show, expect average results”.

Would you go? Of course not.

5. Who Do I surround myself with?

People can either be a good influence or bad influence. There is no grey area.

By taking a piece of paper and drawing a line in the middle I can easily identify who is good and who is not.

Terminate those bad influence relationships and strive to have good ones only. This is probably one of the most difficult tasks to do at least for me. I think it is important to highlight that it doesn’t mean hanging around people who may have a negative influence. It means not allowing them to influence you.

6. Forget being perfect. Speed is The new smart

Perfection is an apex of a procrastinator. I was there for so long. Thanks to Grant, I realised that being perfect doesn’t matter. Moving quickly and getting the results is what I care about now.

Getting my first few clients was so important to me, I learned a lot along the way. I could have never learned those things if I had tried to perfect my service without bringing it to the market.

Creating an MVP (Minimum viable product or service) is the key. Then developing it along the way is how it is done. If you don’t believe me or Grant – look at Google, Apple, Amazon and other giants. They sell unfinished products all the time and improve them along the way.

Checklist To Achieve 10x Results In The Next 12 months

  1. Identify and Repeat Your Goals Daily
  2. Feed The Beast Every Day
  3. Understand The Naysayers
  4. Over Promise and Over Deliver
  5. Surround Me With Good People
  6. Forget Being Perfect, Move Quickly

This checklist is my roadmap for the next few months. I will update further on my future blog posts to see how my progress is coming together but I can already see good results.

Exciting times ahead!

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